Looking Ahead to 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic and the cyclical lockdowns might have impacted education overall with parents and children figuring out how to make jobs and school work. But at Childrens Lighthouse, we understood the value of maintaining in-person learning early on. By focusing on redesigned classrooms and class sizes and increased sanitation and hygiene procedures, franchisees could ensure some level of continuity for families. 

It’s not just our approach to the pandemic that has won approval. Our focus on nurturing both a values-based education and proprietary CARES curriculum make us a standout. So popular is Childrens Lighthouse that our franchise is expected to register 200% growth in 2021, adding twelve new locations. January alone will see three new locations in Texas, in Mansfield, Corinth and Forney. January will also include a new opening in Apex, NC. Other 2021 schools include locations in Valrico (Tampa) FL; Katy, TX; Rosenberg, TX; Holly Springs, NC; Jessup, MD; Fate, TX.

Growth is not limited to Texas alone. We are also targeting new markets for expansion, including Denver, Colorado Springs, Kansas City, Austin, DFW, Houston, Raleigh/Durham, Tampa, Orlando and Washington D.C. metro.

Childrens Lighthouse franchise partners benefit from a true partnership with the extended family in which ideas for what works in a period of flux are immediately implemented and nurtured. At a time when working families are looking for quality childcare options, Childrens Lighthouse provides a welcoming beacon. Families appreciate our investment in positive learning outcomes for all children, no matter the challenges. Such loyalty and extensive franchise support are what draw our franchise partners to Childrens Lighthouse. 

The proof is in the pudding. We’re looking forward to kickstarting 2021 with fresh energy and new insights into what defines quality childcare. The value of in-person learning has become apparent over the pandemic. At Childrens Lighthouse, we help our owners deliver that model while adhering to strong safety and health protocols.

Our ability to abide by our commitment to early childhood education promises to deliver an exciting new year.

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Childrens Lighthouse Prioritizes Philanthropy Year-Round

The principles of character are molded into Childrens Lighthouse Franchise Company’s core values: “We believe in the importance of teaching character values, and more importantly, in modeling their use in our interactions with children, their families, and one another.” As a company, we actively pursue opportunities to donate time and resources to the communities we serve in order to live those values every day. 

Through our national partnership with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, we have an established outlet that allows all of our franchise owners to participate in and host philanthropic events. Alexis Legg, the owner of soon-to-open Childrens Lighthouse in Oak Forest, Texas, recently put together a team for a virtual St. Jude walk-a-thon and raised $1,500 for the organization. To cap off a month of fundraising, Deanna Gustafson and the team at Childrens Lighthouse Winter Garden, Florida held a trike-a-thon in February to support St. Jude’s mission. These are just a few examples of the ways in which our owners choose to donate their resources and time. 

In addition to their work with St. Jude, it’s been heartening to see so many of our franchise partners come to the support of their community during the COVID-19 pandemic. Several schools, including Texas locations in Lake Houston, Arlington and Wylie, hosted blood drives to shore up critical supplies for regional hospitals. Owner Navi Sharma of the Arlington location said she was delighted to do what she could to help during the pandemic. Looking to support frontline workers in times of need, many Childrens Lighthouse schools also offered discounted fees to families of essential workers. 

Childrens Lighthouse Franchise Company is dedicated to excellence in all aspects of early childhood education. By giving back to their communities in whichever way they can, our franchisees also model good character to the very children they nurture. 

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Proprietary Curriculum Propels Growth for Childrens Lighthouse Franchise Company

Childrens Lighthouse Franchise Company understands: Education is about more than just rote learning of facts, it’s also about developing kind and empathetic world citizens. Our proprietary C.A.R.E.S.℠ curriculum delivers character-based, age-appropriate learning in early learning schools that are welcoming and nurturing. 

The C.A.R.E.S acronym stands for Character Values Education; Active Engagement through hands-on learning; Research-Centered practice applying the latest in early childhood education to our approach; Embedded content with overlapping thematic elements and Standards-based objectives, ensuring we help children achieve state and national learning standards. 

The values-based curriculum sets Childrens Lighthouse apart from other early learning schools and gives parents peace of mind that their children are being nourished in every way. Our professionals model the same values they teach and work with parents to complement home and school lessons expertly.

CLFC’s approach to well-rounded education has led to satisfied franchisees who serve a special niche in childcare. Franchisee Juantia Brown is proud that the outstanding curriculum nurtures children who start elementary school with an advantage: not only are they above grade in reading and math skills, they’re also polite and eager to learn. The well-rounded curriculum attracts families who want more than just a warm body watching their children, they’re looking for character and values-based early childhood education.

Additionally, passionate entrepreneurs are sitting up and taking notice. Childrens Lighthouse has now opened new locations in Seabrook and Allen, Texas. In addition to expanding in the Lone Star State, CLFC also expanded into Colorado with a school in Parker. The launch in Colorado is just the beginning of a strategic expansion for Childrens Lighthouse as it looks to bring its signature curriculum and robust childcare model to five additional schools in 2020. 

Early childhood education that focuses on every aspect of a child’s development, that abides by the latest research in the field, and that meets standards is hard to find. Satisfied parents, children and franchisees attest that the Childrens Lighthouse approach is exemplary and wins accolades in every community it serves. Care is woven into our very message, and it continues to drive our growth as we expand into new markets.

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Childrens Lighthouse Creates Opportunities for Franchisee Growth During Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic may have upended the education delivery method with many schools choosing to work with a hybrid model, but that doesn’t mean families had to struggle through virtual learning this fall. 

Mixed-learning methods, which allow students to attend in-person classes for a few days a week and are fully remote other days, have left parents with the challenge to find options that will give their children a meaningful education – while continuing their own careers. But, as parents looked for guidance on the new rules of school, Childrens Lighthouse franchisees stepped in and to fill the void, benefiting from new revenue opportunities while still delivering premier educational programming.

Our Virtual Learning Assistance program allowed parents to schedule time either all-day or in blocks at Childrens Lighthouse as staff facilitated learning for children. In between active learning blocks, kids could also socialize with their peers, a component many parents were worried that their children would miss out on because of remote learning. We redesigned classroom spaces, controlled access to schools and increased disinfection practices even more to ensure a safe and healthy learning environment for all. And, to keep skills flourishing, we have also launched XStream Quest, a quest-based approach to learning science, technology, reading, engineering, arts and math (STREAM) skills. 

These programs, layered on top of our already robust proprietary curriculum, give franchisees a distinct advantage in serving their client base. In fact, our efforts have won coverage in Austin and Frisco, Texas and Hoover, Alabama.

Over the years, Childrens Lighthouse has distinguished itself not just as a premier provider of early childhood education, but also as an enriching career option for franchisees. The COVID-19 pandemic might have disrupted learning, but it has also provided our franchisees with new opportunities that can be harnessed to grow revenue while keeping the needs of families front and center.  

As we continue to grow into new areas, we are seeking talented individuals who share our passion for community, nurturing care and education. If that sounds like you, reach out to us to learn more about how you can become a Childrens Lighthouse franchise partner.

Childrens Lighthouse Expands Services to Accommodate Virtual Learning and Support Franchisees

During a time when 40% of childcare centers in the U.S. could close its doors for good, Childrens Lighthouse Franchise Company remains resilient. In fact, we recently opened three new schools in Seabrook, Allen and Sugar Land, Texas and have five signed agreements in place in Apex, North Carolina; Jessup, Maryland; and Oak Forest, Forney and Mansfield, Texas. 

As a premier early learning school, we promptly realized that we would need to adapt and expand both our curriculum and our franchise support during this ever-evolving time. To do so, we announced the launch of two new proprietary programs,Virtual Learning Assistance and xSTREAM Quest℠ after school curriculum. 

The Virtual Learning Assistance program was designed to provide a more connected learning environment for school-age children who are participating in virtual learning this fall. With flex plans that include full-day or block schedule options, the program is customizable to fit each child’s individual needs to ensure a setting conducive to learning.

Additionally, our new afterschool curriculum, xSTREAM Quest℠, is a proprietary new STREAM-based afterschool curriculum designed exclusively for Childrens Lighthouse school-agers. Questers (students) take on solo, team, outdoor and community challenges to earn cog badges, eventually becoming cog masters in different subjects. The curriculum incorporates character values and community service with a STREAM (science, technology, reading engineering arts, math) focus, and will help children develop critical and higher-thinking skills.  

“In all of my years as an educator, I have never encountered an afterschool program that has embraced a unique, comprehensive curriculum like xSTREAM Quest℠,” said Dr. Kristi Martin-Smith, Director of Education and Training for Childrens Lighthouse Franchise Company. “The amount of engagement and excitement we’re already seeing from students who have participated in the program is remarkable. They’re having so much fun completing challenges and earning badges that they hardly realize they’re developing critical higher-thinking skills.” 

By expanding our services, we have been able to equip our franchisees with the tools they need to keep their businesses going and assure parents in their communities that their children are learning in a safe and healthy environment. Our new and veteran franchisees alike are excited to continue to invest in themselves and their communities through their Childrens Lighthouse schools. 

Childrens Lighthouse is on a rapid ascent to the top of the educational child care industry, and franchise investors are taking notice. As we continue to grow into new areas, we are seeking talented individuals who share our passion for community, nurturing care and education. If that sounds like you, reach out to us to learn more about how you can become a Childrens Lighthouse franchise partner.

Invest in Yourself and Your Community with Childrens Lighthouse

Following the opening of Childrens Lighthouse in Seabrook, Texas last month, the location has seen an abundance of community support. In fact, the news of the opening was recently featured on the front page of The Bay Area Observer, in an article with Community Impact Newspaper and was highlighted on the city of Seabrook’s website and social media pages. Plus, Seabrook Mayor Thom Kolupski shared the news of the opening in the city’s City Council Meeting on July 21. 

Owned and operated by longtime Seabrook residents Frank and Tonya Porter, Childrens Lighthouse of Seabrook offers high-quality early childhood education that helps stimulate intellectual development in a safe, warm and welcoming environment designed to bring out the best in children. 

“I take great pride in the fact that we will provide a program that our neighbors in Seabrook can trust,” said Tonya. “Our goal at Childrens Lighthouse is to help families raise children with happy hearts and inquisitive minds.” 

As parents of four children themselves, the couple knows educational child care is a top priority for families in the area, and they were determined to alleviate the stress of finding proper child care for parents in Seabrook. The couple looks forward to bringing an early learning option to their neighbors in Seabrook. 

When you franchise with Childrens Lighthouse, you invest in both yourself and your community. As we continue to grow into new areas, we are seeking talented individuals such as Frank and Tonya who share our passion for community, nurturing care and education. If that sounds exciting to you, reach out to us to learn more about the Childrens Lighthouse franchise opportunity. 

Childrens Lighthouse Director of Education and Training Recognized by Exchange Leadership Initiative

Childrens Lighthouse Franchise Company is excited to announce that our Director of Education and Training, Dr. Kristi Martin-Smith, has been appointed an Exchange Leader by Exchange Leadership Initiative (ELI) – a top early childhood care and education authority. 

The Exchange Leader designation serves as a testament to Martin-Smith’s dedication to providing training and operational support to ensure our franchisees are equipped to provide top educational programs for all children enrolled at Childrens Lighthouse Early Learning Schools™ across the country. 

“There are so many incredible individuals who are reshaping the future of early childhood education in such profound ways, and to be recognized as a leader among them is a monumental moment for me, both personally and professionally,” said Martin-Smith. 

The honor was bestowed upon Martin-Smith for the contributions she’s made to early childhood education throughout her career. Combining 30 years of global educational leadership and experience in teaching, training and working with teachers, administrators, and school owners from many economic as well as cultural backgrounds, her merit as an Exchange Leader will allow her to make an even larger impact on children, families and communities across the country. 

The announcement comes at a time when Childrens Lighthouse Early Learning Schools™ are reopening their doors and Childrens Lighthouse Franchise Company is continuing to focus on growth. In fact, we recently opened a new franchised location in Seabrook, Texas, and look forward to opening the 18th Childrens Lighthouse location in the Dallas-Fort Worth area this fall. 

As the demand for educational child care increases, Childrens Ligthouse provides entrepreneurs with the opportunity to open in attractive metropolitan areas. Contact us today to learn more about how you can become a Childrens Lighthouse franchise partner.

Childrens Lighthouse VP & General Counsel Featured in Franchising World

Stephanie Russ, VP & General Counsel for Childrens Lighthouse recently wrote an article for Franchising World, where she discussed our brand’s response to COVID-19. As Stephanie highlighted in the piece, as the leading values-based early learning school in the U.S., we have an unfaltering commitment not only to our students, but also to our franchise owners across the country and our employees. Because of this, it is critical to ensure that we are meeting the standards we have set forth and built our foundation on by providing resources to help our owners and families weather this storm. 

Here is an excerpt from Stephanie’s article that further discusses our response: 

Taking Immediate Action 

Before departing on a flight – which we will do again – passengers are instructed that if the cabin loses air pressure and the airbags deploy, they are to place the mask on themselves first before helping others. The logic is that you need to be operating from the strongest position possible in order to be the most help to others. We immediately took this approach when developing a plan to manage the COVID-19 pandemic.

We first evaluated the company’s immediate financial position. Following our assessment, we chose to proactively provide financial relief to our franchisees by cutting royalty payments in half. Overall, it was not a question of whether we made the right, best, or perfect call; reducing the royalty payment was an actionable item that would provide immediate relief to franchisees. In this situation, every business partner is sacrificing to help the next partner in the chain. Even with reduced enrollment and staffing, franchisees are paying it forward by keeping their schools open to continue to provide the essential service of childcare. Lenders are deferring payments in support as well.

Honest and Communicative Leadership

In an uncertain situation, it is natural for employees to wonder about job security and the financial health of the company. To combat this insecurity at our Franchise Support Center, we connected with every Childrens Lighthouse Franchise Company employee individually, either in person or over the phone. We did this not only to reassure our team that we were in a good financial position but to also listen to their concerns and offer help where we could. In a collaborative work environment, personal communication is key, and it only made sense to approach this unparalleled challenge together.

Childrens Lighthouse franchisees have also embraced a collaborative approach to manage the crisis. Aubree Fuentes, the owner of Childrens Lighthouse in Riverside, California, has done everything in her power to make sure her staff feels supported both at work and in life. To keep her employees safe, Fuentes limits contact with parents, enforcing the 6-foot social distancing requirement when possible. She also offers guidance for her employees – if they need help asking for rent a deferral, applying for a personal loan, etc. Overall, Fuentes does everything to keep morale up and provide a well of resources and support to her staff.

Like our peers, we are communicating more frequently with each other and our franchisees. We are enlisting the collective knowledge of our franchisees to better the whole system. In addition to providing written communication, we have a systemwide conference call at least twice a week. We are navigating this uncharted territory together, collectively sharing our experiences what has worked well and what has not. Our Franchisee Business Coaches talk to franchisees and school directors every day. We have announced that our team is accessible to franchisees 24/7, and we have franchisees that have taken advantage of that opportunity.

When handling the current crisis and all uncertain circumstances, we approach matters as we always have: process the situation, plan for different outcomes, lead with honesty and compassion, and use our resources to the fullest, even when called upon to make decisions in a short amount of time. 

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Childrens Lighthouse Appoints Shelly Pair as VP of Operations

We’re pleased to announce that Shelly Pair has been named as our new Vice President of Operations! Previously serving as Director of Operations for Childrens Lighthouse, Shelly will continue to play a key leadership role for the brand and our franchisees. 

“It is humbling to be recognized by the Childrens Lighthouse team with this promotion,” said Shelly. “I have felt incredibly welcomed and valued by the team from day one, and I look forward to continuing to make an impact for our franchisees and working with the Franchise Support Center team to drive continued success.”

The announcement was also recently featured in Franchising World’s March issue, highlighting Shelly as one of the publication’s “Top 5 People on the Move.” 

“Shelly’s innovative ideas drive operational efficiencies and grow profitability for both franchisees and the brand as a whole,” said Michael Brown, President of Childrens Lighthouse. “From the moment she stepped through our doors, Shelly has demonstrated expertise in management and operations, and this promotion is in recognition of her dedication to the Childrens Lighthouse brand.”

Shelly, who joined our team in April of 2019, is a seasoned professional with a passion for early childhood education. She has 26 years of experience in operations, early education and franchise industry leadership. Prior to working at Childrens Lighthouse, Shelly served in executive roles at two early childhood education systems and a healthcare provider.

Childrens Lighthouse has early learning schools across the United States, including Alabama, California, Florida, Illinois, Kansas, North Carolina and Texas. In 2020, Childrens Lighthouse anticipates more than twelve openings, which will join the 50 existing schools in communities across the country. 

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The Women Who Make Childrens Lighthouse a Standout Franchise

Childrens Lighthouse has made a positive difference in children’s lives over the years by delivering educational childcare through a proprietary curriculum. One of the many facets that sets our educational franchise apart is that, while we nurture through processes and technology, we put children first. We believe that every franchise owner, teacher and staff member can make a difference in the lives of the children and families we serve. We are especially proud of the many women who tirelessly contribute to this mission and steer our educational childcare franchise to promising new horizons.

Joanne Webster, the school director of the Woodlands, Texas franchise understands this mission closely. Joanne has over 30 years of experience in the early childcare industry and over the years, her focus has always been on putting children first. Her capacity to lead by example was on full display when she brought a few hours of joy to a family whose six-year-old was battling cancer. Joanne arranged for little Jose Gutierrez to spend a day with Kevin Garcia of the Houston Dynamos soccer team so Jose could indulge his love for the game. Eager to expand children’s learning horizons, Joanne has also worked to offer Mandarin lessons at the early learning school. 

Angela Wolfe at the Little Elm, Texas franchise says she has always known she would be working in the childcare field. The children at the early learning school amaze her, she says. The wonder of seeing children achieve important milestones, whether it’s learning to count or crawl, never dims. Caring for five children of her own, Angela understands what an enormous responsibility early childhood education is and works to exceed parents’ expectations.

Angela and Joanne are but a few of the many outstanding women who contribute daily to the exceptional success of Childrens Lighthouse early learning schools. Our professional women form the backbone of our franchise, and we celebrate their achievements during Women’s History Month — and all year long. 

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